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God I hope this isn't just another give up kind of project.

My intention is to create a drawing everyday for 365 days. I have been wanting to do something like this for years now, however I have repeatedly failed to start because I either forgot to start, forgot to continue or just gave up. One of the major problems I have had was remembering to work on the project. I now have an iPhone, iPad and the iCloud along with my MacBook Pro. With these devices, I should be able to force my project into fruition. I know that it is going to be a pain in the ass, especially towards the end. I have been drawing for at least 10 minutes a day or more for most of my life, but these drawing sessions have been unorganized and at best, misguided. I usually doodle around in a sketchbook until I like something that I did and then work on that piece (as of late) digitally until I end up throwing it into another folder which never again gets opened because I had other interesting doodles to work on for a random amount of time and moved on again. this cycle repeats over and over into oblivion.

Well now it is time to make a concerted effort on my part to actually get better and have fun doing it. So how am I gonna do this?

Step one decide what to draw everyday. This part is usually the biggest pain due to the fact that everyone wants to draw something awesome. Well to fucking bad. Not everything can be awesome. In fact lets do some mundane shit and see what it looks like. My first few failed attempts at this project never got off the ground because of this step alone. How do we fix this? Ask your girlfriend what she thinks. Really? But she is not an artist. Yeah, so what? Maybe the general population of non creatives, who actually buy the shit you wanna make, would have a good opinion. Fine I'll ask.

What now?
Could you tell me what I should draw?
Really, you ask this every damn day, and every damn day I say I don't know.
Yeah, but (I explain the project and how it will keep me from asking her again for a year)
3 to 4 seconds pass.
Draw a movie a day.
Yeah right. ha ha ha ha ha Whatever. Draw a movie a day HA!
a few minutes go by.
So you mean draw something from a different movie everyday?
gives her a kiss, grabs her ass and gets caught doing so by the kids.

So that is the plan.
Every morning or the night before, cue up Netflix on the iPad and select a movie. Scan through till the time stamp matches that days date. (January 1, 2012 = 11:12) or just randomly chose a spot somewhere in the middle to the end. Watch that part until something grabs your attention. Take a screen shot. Now start the movie over from the beginning on your MacBook Pro and while it is playing, start drawing using the screenshot on your iPad as a reference image. You have until the end of the movie to finish the drawing. Once the movie is finished you stop drawing. Don't scan it in and photoshop it, don't resize and transfer to canvas just stop and compare. Then put the drawing away and move on with your day.
What about the iPhone? Set your calendar with an alarm to do this drawing everyday at a selected time. Use the notes and iCloud to keep track of which movies you have watched to keep from reusing the movie.
Post a phone pic of the drawing everyday immediately after finishing, even before the credits finish rolling.
So what to draw it on. Regular old copy paper. What, no fancy ass sketchbook with beautiful binding or bristol board or watercolor paper? Fuck no. What if I want to scan them all in and make a pdf later, or after the year is up I decide to do something else with it. No, sketchbooks are for discovery, journaling, personal goals and self improvement. Isn't that exactly the point of this project? So what, I made the decision to use copy paper and that is final. What kind of medium shall we use? Whatever is handy.

So, tomorrow is January 1st. What is the movie you have picked?
Trouble With The Curve starring Clint Eastwood.

Thanks for reading my personal arguments, sorry for being so long winded and illiterate and wish me luck.
If anyone else decided to follow me along the way, please keep me updated and as always
You watch me and I will watch you. (I am still not sure if that is a threat or a promise.)
My girlfriend's cousin just got married today, and we brought our 2 daughters and my brother with. I am now hanging out in the hotel room with T.J. because once he saw the open staircase peering over the lower 3 floors of the hotel he FREAKED! Poor kid has coke bottle glasses over his eyes and vertigo to boot. I am honestly surprised that he didn't shit his pants right in the 3rd floor lobby. So we left my Dana and my girls at the wedding dance, which they will enjoy way more than I. I am not complaining, in fact I am actually excited, cause now I can work on my dA page without the interruptions of the family. And since I am not in the studio I don't have paying projects to distract me.  Besides, I really cannot condone that kind of behavior; marriage that is.
I am kidding really, congrats to Toni & Jesse.